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A Polaroid Tour of Some of Aurora’s Most Iconic Spots

A Polaroid Tour of Some of Aurora’s Most Iconic Spots 

Written By: Katelyn Melo
Polaroids taken by: Katelyn Melo 


The town of Aurora is an adorable community located just under an hour drive north of the city of Toronto. The town’s slogan is “You’re in good company” and if you have the opportunity to ever pay this storybook town a visit, jump on it and see firsthand the wonderful company it has to offer. 

A visit to this town cannot be considered complete without making a stop at what is commonly considered the town center: namely, the intersection of Yonge and Wellington. Yonge Street (yes the one that starts all the way down at Lake Ontario) in Aurora is an iconic strip that can be compared to a Hallmark movie town’s “main street”. In the area spanning from Wellington in both directions one can find a treasure trove of historical spots, community hubs and great food of all kinds. Think of the following article as a bit of an adventure guide to some of these iconic locations that help the street give the town of Aurora its identity. 


Canadian Moments Mural 

By starting your adventure at the intersection, you will immediately be greeted on the southeast corner by the Canadian Moments Mural. This mural was first dedicated in November 2001 by artists William Lazos, Larry Mar, Attila Szanyi, and Andres Correa and it highlights over 30 moments and individuals who have left an incredible mark on our nation’s history. This mural is populated by historic Canadian moguls such as Roberta Bondar, Mr. Dressup and everyone’s favourite French Snowman, Bonhomme. 



Hilary House

Hilary House

Head north and in under a block, you will come across a National Historic Site, Hilary House. This Victorian gingerbread-esque house was built in 1862 as the residence and workplace of four physicians during a time of immense progress within the medical field. This house is known to be among Canada’s best remaining examples of Gothic Revival Architecture.

Go ahead and pay that house a visit, there is lots to see inside. The site hosts an impressive display of original medical instruments and equipment from back when leeches and bloodletting were common medical solutions for ailments.  In addition, there is also  a feature about the development of antibiotics. It's a great idea after having appreciated a mural highlighting Canadian historic moguls to take a step back into Aurora’s own history. After leaving one of Aurora’s busiest intersections, the Hilary house may be a surreal glimpse into a much simpler time in the town and Canada’s history. 



Aurora United Church Site 

Unfortunately, the next spot on Aurora’s highlight tour technically does not physically exist at the moment. Walk several blocks south along Yonge Street passing the main intersection until you arrive at “Tyler St”. Depending on when you go, there will likely be some sort of construction happening on the northwest corner. Here lies the site of the historic Aurora United Church. The original structure of the first part of the church was built even before the Hilary House in 1818 after a deed was signed by William Tyler (like the street!) donating one acre of land to the church. The church was also originally built in a Gothic Revival Style however, severe weather (such as a cyclone and repetitive lightning strikes) over the years persistently targeted the spires causing them to be removed in 1943. 

On April 11, 2014, the church building along with most of its contents were tragically destroyed by a fire. Fortunately, no one was harmed during the blaze, but none of the original structure was able to be preserved. Thus, a new construction project for a revitalized United Church now with a 3 storey Amica Retirement Home attached has commenced as of July 13, 2021. The projected vision of the new building is stunning and provides promise to become a highlight once again of the iconic Aurora Yonge St strip. 




Aurora Public Library

You won’t have to journey too far to find the next spot on your Aurora adventure. Less than a block away across on the northeast corner you will spot the Aurora Public Library. This library is an impressive large two floor building that continues to be showered with love in the form of recent updates and renovations. If you’re local, be sure to check their website often.

The library hosts a diverse array of free programs for the Aurora community. APL boasts 126 programs just for the month of March 2024 alone. These programs are designed for all age groups from the expected toddler “story times”, to programs created to help English language learners improve listening and speaking skills, to fun creative programs such as paint nights all the way to STEM events geared towards young thinkers. Most often, the materials are provided by the library free of charge but be sure to sign up in advance as spots can fill quickly! 



Town Park

The next part of your journey takes you slightly off the main strip, but rest assured, it's a worthy detour. Walk two blocks east (on Church St to Metcalfe St) and you will find Aurora’s town park. It may not be Central Park or even Toronto’s High Park, but it still has its charms.

Hot tip: if you choose your day and time wisely, you will be privileged to experience one of the amazing events hosted at the park year round. From spring to fall, the town hosts its quaint farmer’s market every Saturday. Be sure to start your journey bright and early if you're hoping to find the best selection. There are also summer evening concerts held in the bandshell on Wednesday evenings, come early and bring your own chair if you would like a great spot.  In the wintertime, the town also hosts a precious winter market complete with warm cider, hot chocolate, vendors, photo ops and the man in red himself! 

While visiting the park, you may notice a building known as the Armoury. This historic spot was built in 1874 as a drill shed for the 12th battalion of Infantry or York Rangers. It is now a Recognized Federal Heritage Building. The town of Aurora purchased the Armoury from the Federal government in 2014 with intentions to restore the property and return it to its role as a community gathering space. The town succeeded brilliantly thanks to an innovative partnership made with the award-winning Niagara College Canadian Food and Wine Institute. This building now operates primarily as an event space but is also open to the public from September to May for culinary classes. Further, if you choose to visit between the months of May through October, a patio dining service is available to the public. They even host pop up brunch on Saturdays and dinner on Wednesdays during concerts in the park! 





Ashario Cannabis - 15114 Yonge St.

The last spot on your journey may have only been added about two years ago, however, it has quickly become another iconic spot on the Yonge Street strip. Ashario Cannabis Health and Wellness is without a doubt, Aurora’s best cannabis retail experience, located at 15114 Yonge St. For your convenience, hours are 9am - 11pm, seven days a week, 365 days a year – so you never need to worry about when to visit! You heard that right, open even on all holidays. There are many aspects of Ashario that sets it apart from most dispensaries found in Aurora. 

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Here at Ashario, we take our spot on Aurora’s iconic main strip seriously, and do our best to put ourselves among the good company you are guaranteed to find in Aurora. We can’t wait to see you!

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