Mark your calendar, the cannabis holiday to look out for


April 20 (420, or 4/20) is cherished by the global cannabis enthusiast community as a holiday, or ‘’Weed Day’’, dedicated to celebrating all things cannabis, weed, marijuana, and its associated intricate cultural subsets. Despite the popularity of this date in the cannabis world, few can accurately recall how it came to be associated with a cannabis holiday. 420 is celebrated as International Cannabis Holiday by tens of thousands of cannasseurs globally by lighting up around 4:20 pm on April 20.

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But what sequence of events ensued that led to this date morphing into an international holiday for rejoicing in all shades of ‘’green that’s weed’’?

Read on to get a rundown of the facts.

Rumor has it…

There are many rampant memes and rumors strewn across the fabric of social media, of course, each putting forth a different take on the mysterious origins of this dateline. For instance, some claim 420 is a code used by law enforcement personnel or a penal code for cannabis. Others point to a numerical code concealed within the lyrics of a popular cannabis inspired pop song of the sixties.

Here’s what really happened

The most credible version comes from Chris Conrad at the Cannabis Museum in Oakland, California: the ‘’4:20’’ connotation was originally conceived in the early seventies by a group of high school friends in California. Going by the pseudonym ‘’the Waldos’’ (because they used to meet at a wall), they partook in a cannabis smoking practice every day at 4:20 pm in front of a statue of the scientist Louis Pasteur. The idea was to assemble in front of the statue to look for a forgotten cannabis crop using a treasure map designed by the grower.

Eventually, the number 420 became code speak for a call to gather and smoke cannabis. Later, one of the Waldos landed a job with a traveling music band that helped promote the term 420. Some of their promotional activities caught on with reporters such as Steve Bloom – considered an authority on all things cannabis culture.

Be that as it may, the notation 4/20 means different things to different people. For some, it entails a pristine and opportune moment to kick back, savor a high, and take a load off. Others may see it as a reminder to celebrate or push for cannabis legalization.

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Regardless of your motives for celebrating 420, the tradition lives on so don’t get left out!

If you come across terms such as ‘’420-friendly’’ house booking advertisements, or dating profiles, it simply implies that the tenants or people of interest are amenable towards fellow weed connoisseurs. Thus, cannabis enthusiasts worldwide instinctively gravitate to the number 420 like moths to a lit lamp. Are you one of them? Then head on over to an Ashario store near you for fine-tuning your cannappetite and becoming a part of the global cannabis fabric.

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