Unlock the secrets of vape carts with our comprehensive guide to live resin, full spectrum, and distillate. Delve into the world of cannabis extracts and discover the unique characteristics of each type.

Vape Carts: Live Resin, Full Spectrum, and Distillate

First things first: what are vape cartridges?

Cannabis cartridges (vape cartridges or vape carts) are used to inhale cannabis products. Certain benefits to using these cartridges include convenience, ease of use, non-messy, discretion and portability to name a few. The majority of vape carts out there are loaded with THC. But a growing number of CBD-dominant, CBN, CBG and CBC vape carts are also making their way into the market, including 1:1 THC: CBD products. While many types of cartridges out there may look similar, there are differences in the types of content loaded into them. The most common ones are referred to as the 510-threaded cartridges that fit any standard vape battery pack.

Read on for a quick rundown of some of the more distinguished kind of vape carts out there and the oils they contain.

Sunset Peach Distillate

The ultra-refined extraction makes Sunset Peach an ultra-pure distillate

Distillate is a refined version of cannabis oil and the goal is to create the highest amount of pure THC or CBD, which means removing as many impurities as possible.

While the distillation process removes all extra compounds in the cannabis plants, it also has a mixture of different types of cannabis extracts. This leaves behind a higher amount of CBD or THC for users looking for a stronger concentrate.

Since distillates prioritize a stronger and more pure concentrate, the final product is less flavourful than its live resin counterpart.

Simply put, this cart, as the name implies, contains the full spectrum extract (FSE) of cannabis. Meaning that all the molecules derived from a cannabis strain are retained and not lost after they've cut the plant. Moreover, no addition or subtraction from the original strain takes place to deliver a pure cannabis experience.

The hit from this cart therefore retains the complete signature of aromas and tastes with a matching price tag to boot!

Shishkaberry Full Spectrum

Experience flavourful, terpene-rich full spectrum cannabis extract - no fillers, no additives, pure flavour, the way the plant meant it to be.

Kootenay Fruit Live Resin

A giant bowl of ambiguous fruits, we've packed the tropical, juicy, tart and sweet notes of our orchards into a ripe and smooth live resin experience.

The intent of live resin creation is to keep 100% of the terpenes intact. By keeping the plant frozen and “live” during the production process, this ensures the most high quality possible terpene preservation.

By passing the cannabis plant through a freezing process post-harvest, the resulting terpene-loaded oil cart is pegged for delivering stark tastes and powerful scents. Live resin oil based cannabis cartridges are getting increasingly popular with canna connoisseurs looking for a pure strong hit every time.

The main difference between live resin extracts and other concentrates is the chemical profile and aromas. It all boils down to the terpenes. Live resin captures the full hemp phytochemical profile.

The Differences

While most types of vape carts look similar in packaging and appearance, there are significant variations between the manufacturing methods and effects produced by each type of vape cart. Such as a Distillate cart may contain higher levels of THC, but will not deliver a strong buzz. In fact, the buzz may be of a smaller time period and less deep nature than that of a Full Spectrum or Live Resin cart. Regardless, some people quite relish the clarity of mind and focus that comes with using a Distillate as opposed to a more pure quality buzz associated with the FSE or Live Resin cart.

Now that you are locked and loaded with some essentials of ‘Vapeology’, try out Ashario's collection of vape cartridges and find the one(s) that call out to you. And remember to vape mindfully!

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