Ashario Cannabis: Your Ultimate Destination for Premium Bongs

Ashario Cannabis: Explore Premium Bongs at Our Ultimate Destination


Welcome, cannabis connoisseurs, to Ashario Cannabis, where quality meets variety in the realm of bongs. As your trusted source for premium smoking accessories, we're thrilled to guide you through the diverse world of water pipes to enhance your smoking experience.

Glass Bongs: Elevating Tradition

Step into the world of classic elegance with our glass bongs. Crafted with precision and finesse, these OG favorites offer versatility and style. Customize your smoking journey with accessories like percolators and ice catchers, all while savoring the smoothness of each hit.

Scientific Glass Bongs: Durability Redefined

For those seeking durability without compromise, our scientific glass bongs are the epitome of reliability. Engineered with borosilicate glass, they withstand temperature changes effortlessly. Equipped with diffused downstems and percolators, these bongs redefine quality in smoking accessories.

Silicone Bongs: Unrivalled Portability

Embark on your smoking adventures with our silicone bongs, the epitome of rugged durability. Perfect for on-the-go enthusiasts, these virtually indestructible pieces are your ultimate travel companions. Vibrant colors and ergonomic designs make them a popular choice for festival-goers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Ceramic Bongs: Artistry Meets Functionality

Indulge in the timeless charm of ceramic bongs, where artistry meets functionality. While offering durability and unique aesthetics, these bongs allow for intricate designs and vibrant paint jobs, adding a touch of sophistication to your smoking ritual.

Acrylic Bongs: Budget-Friendly Reliability

Experience affordability without compromise with our acrylic bongs. While traditional favorites, silicone bongs now reign supreme for their durability and enhanced smoking experience. Choose quality and longevity with our superior selection of silicone alternatives.

Explore Our Range of Styles

Discover a diverse range of styles to suit every preference:

  • Beaker Bongs: Known for stability and big hits, these classics are a favorite among herb enthusiasts.
  • Straight Tube/Cylinder Bongs: Offering a straightforward smoking experience, customizable with percolators.
  • Round Base Bongs: Combining stability with style for a seamless smoking experience.
  • Multi-Chamber Bongs: Experience ultimate filtration with multiple sets of percolators for smooth hits every time.

With Ashario Cannabis, your smoking journey is elevated to new heights.

Experience premium quality, unmatched variety, and unparalleled service at our convenient locations:

  • Finch & Dufferin: 1111A Finch Avenue West Unit 1, North York, Ontario M3J 2P7 (647-368-7722)
  • Aurora Yonge Street: 15114 Yonge Street, Aurora Ontario, L4G 1M2 (905-503-6770)
  • Yonge & Steeles Centerpoint Mall: 6464 Yonge Street Unit 187, North York Ontario, M2M 3X4 (416-477-9333)

Enjoy the best pricing on weed products, a vast selection, and exceptional service, all available during our full legal operating hours from 9 AM to 11 PM, 365 days a year, including holidays. Elevate your smoking experience with high THC and CBD products, supported by our knowledgeable staff.

Visit us online at and embark on a journey of luxury and wellness-focused smoking.

Ashario Cannabis: Where Quality Meets Tradition.

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