Embark on a journey of cannabis sophistication with Dab Bods, your premier provider of infused pre-rolls and vape carts in Canada, now available at Ashario.

Dab Bods - Your Go-to Infused Pre-Rolls and Vape Carts Provider in Canada

Welcome to another exciting brand spotlight by Ashario Cannabis, the best recreational cannabis store in Canada. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the amazing offerings from Dab Bods, a brand that specializes in high-quality vape carts and infused pre-rolls. Join us as we guide you through these products and tell you why Ashario Cannabis should be your go-to store for these fantastic offerings!

Dab Bods - A Brand That Knows Its Resin

Dab Bods is a brand that promises to elevate your cannabis experience while on the go. Offering a range of unique infused pre-rolls and vape carts that deliver on both flavor and potency, this brand easily stands out from the crowd.

Ashario's Delicious Infused Pre-Rolls by Dab Bods

Get ready to enjoy your cannabis in an entirely new way with Ashario's selection of Dab Bods infused pre-rolls, available in a variety of flavors. Here's a peek at the offerings we have in-store:

  • Grape Ape Resin
  • Apple Spice Resin
  • Blueberry Resin
  • Georgia Peach Resin
  • Orange Hill Shatter
  • Citrus Special Resin Variety Pack

These infused pre-rolls are perfect for sharing with friends or savoring by yourself. With enticing flavors and satisfying hits, you'll keep coming back for more.

Vape Your Way to Cloud Nine with Ashario's Dab Bods Cartridges

If you're a fan of vaping, you'll love the exquisite Dab Bods cartridges available at Ashario Cannabis. Check out our collection below:

  • Hawaiian FSE Live Resin Shatter 510 Thread Cartridge
  • Pineapple Punch Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge

These cartridges pack a flavorful punch, and their 510 threading makes them compatible with most vape devices. With smooth, enjoyable hits, you'll relish every moment of your vaping experience.

Why Choose Ashario Cannabis for Your Dab Bods Products?

It's simple - Ashario Cannabis is the best cannabis store in Canada for a reason! We offer:

  • Best weed product pricing
  • Largest selection in Canada
  • High THC and CBD products
  • Best staff and service
  • Luxurious aesthetic

Our 3 convenient locations at North York and 15114 Yonge Street, Aurora, make it easy for you to drop by and see for yourself why we're the ultimate cannabis shopping destination.

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Visit our website at ashario.com and experience the world-class service and amazing products that Ashario Cannabis has to offer. Discover the incredible Dab Bods offerings today and elevate your cannabis experience!


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