Unlock the secrets of edibles with Ashario Cannabis as we provide you with a comprehensive guide to these tantalizing treats. Explore the wide variety of edibles available, each offering a unique experience and flavor profile.

What Are Edibles? A Comprehensive Guide from Ashario Cannabis

Demystifying Edibles | Ashario Cannabis

Demystifying Edibles: A Comprehensive Guide from Ashario

How Do Edibles Work?

Edibles are cannabis-infused food or beverages that you consume orally. When you ingest an edible, the THC and CBD present in the product are metabolized by your liver, turning THC into 11-hydroxy-THC. This compound is more potent and has a longer-lasting effect than the Delta-9 THC found in inhaled products. As a result, the effects of edibles are typically more prolonged and intense compared to smoking or vaping.

How Are Edibles Different from Other Types of Cannabis?

The main difference between edibles and other forms of cannabis is the method of consumption and the resulting experience. While inhaling cannabis provides a quicker onset and more control over the high, edibles offer a longer-lasting and potentially more powerful effect. Due to the extended onset time for edibles (30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on individual factors), there is a greater chance for overconsumption, which is why beginners should always "start low and go slow" when trying edibles for the first time.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Consuming Edibles?


  • Smoke-free alternative: Ideal for those who prefer not to smoke or inhale their cannabis.
  • Longer-lasting effects: Edibles can provide relief and relaxation for extended durations.
  • Discreet consumption: Edibles can be consumed without drawing attention or producing strong odors.
  • Precise dosing: Many edible products have clear dosing instructions, ensuring consistent experiences.


  • Delayed onset: It may take up to two hours before the effects are fully felt, which can lead to accidental overconsumption.
  • Potency: Due to the conversion process in the liver, the effects can be more intense and longer-lasting.

What to Consider When Shopping for Edibles

When shopping for edibles, it's crucial to select products from a reputable source like Ashario Cannabis, with its unbeatable pricing, vast selection, high-THC and CBD products, and unparalleled staff and service. Consider various factors like your personal tolerance, desired effects, taste preferences, and the active ingredients in each product.

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