Elevate your senses with the zesty tang of Electric Lemon in each Edison Jolts Electric Lemon Lozenge, infused with a robust 100mg THC.

Edison Jolts Electric Lemon Lozenges 100mg THC

If you haven't yet heard, the Edison Jolts Electric Lemon Lozenges 100mg THC have created quite a buzz in the Canadian cannabis market. These potent lozenges were initially categorized as a sublingual extract until Health Canada classified them as an edible that exceeds Ontario's regulatory limit of 10mg per package. Consequently, the product has been blacklisted and discontinued, but fear not! The remaining units in Ontario are now available at any Ashario Cannabis location.

What are Edison Jolts Electric Lemon Lozenges?

These scrumptious lozenges are not your average THC-infused hard candies. With each lozenge containing 10mg of THC, the 10-piece package packs a whopping 100mg THC, making them one of the strongest THC options available in today's market. Users can expect euphoria, psychoactive effects, and relaxation from these lozenges.

These hard candies are manufactured by Edison Cannabis Co., a Canadian-based cannabis company that has a reputation for creating high-quality, innovative products. The company uses leading technology and skilled craftsmanship in producing a range of popular products, including these now-discontinued lemon lozenges.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Aside from the potent psychoactive effects and relaxation, the Edison Jolts Electric Lemon Lozenges also have several other attractive features:

  • They're easy to dose; you can control the desired level of THC intake by consuming multiple lozenges.
  • They offer a discreet way of consuming THC, as they come in a small, pocket-sized package and don't produce any smoke or strong odors.
  • They taste delicious, with a zesty lemon flavor that masks the otherwise bitter cannabis taste.
  • Since they're edibles, the effects last longer than regular inhalation methods.

However, there are certain limitations and considerations:

  • Due to their high THC levels, these lozenges aren't suitable for beginners.
  • Edibles generally take longer to yield effects compared to other methods such as smoking or vaping.
  • They're now categorized as exceeding regulatory limits in Ontario, leading to their discontinuation.

Ashario Cannabis – Get them Before they're Gone

As mentioned earlier, you can get your hands on the entire 100mg THC package of Lemon Lozenges exclusively at Ashario Cannabis stores in Canada. They're known for:

  • Offering the best weed product prices
  • Having the largest selection in Canada
  • Providing high THC and CBD products
  • Employing the best staff and service
  • Focusing on luxury and wellness


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Visit their website at www.ashario.ca.

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