What are the Highest Mg Legal Edibles?

When it comes to exploring the world of legal cannabis, edibles have firmly planted themselves as one of the most popular ways to experience the plant's many therapeutic and recreational benefits. At Ashario Cannabis, we pride ourselves on having the largest selection in Canada, the best product pricing, and the most luxurious and wellness-focused offerings. Today, we're diving into our extensive collection of high THC edibles that can provide the ultimate euphoric experience.

A Taste of Paradise: Drift Glitches Gummies

Indulge your taste buds and elevate your mood with our delicious Drift Glitches Gummies – Pineapple Coconut 5PC (50mg THC total) and Pomegranate Berry 10PC (100mg THC total). These tropical gems come in Sativa and Indica strains, so you can choose the desired effect you are after. Whether it’s an energetic Sativa buzz or a deeply relaxing Indica calm, these gummies are a flavorful and convenient option for cannabis connoisseurs.

Put a Jolt in Your Day: Edison Jolts Hard Candy

Experience electrifying bursts of flavour, with our mouthwatering selection of Edison Jolts Hard Candy. Ranging from Limelight Live Resin 10PC (100mg THC total) to Freshly Minted, Arctic Cherry, and Electric Lemon (all 10PC, 100mg THC total), these sweet treats provide the perfect cannabis experience for those who want to add an extra spark to their day.

Slow and Steady Relief: Indiva Life Lozenges

For those seeking slow-release THC products, look no further than our Indiva Life Lozenges – available in Lemon 10-25PC (100-250mg THC total) and Wild Cherry 25-50 (250-500mg THC total) flavours. These hard candies can provide long-lasting relief from anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia in a discreet and delicious form.

Why High THC Edibles are More than Just a Recreational High

Aside from offering incredible euphoric experiences, high THC edibles can provide potent and powerful relief for a wide range of medical ailments. By consuming edibles, you get a longer-lasting effect which can aid in treating insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain. Not only does this mean you get the most bang for your buck, but you also get a gentle and gradual onset rather than the instant intoxication that may come from smoking or vaping.

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