Discover the intimate connection between cannabis and sexuality with Ashario Cannabis. Explore the sensual world of drift pineapple coconut glitches and animal phase sativa as you enhance your intimate moments with your partner.

SEX AND CANNABIS: Enhancing Intimacy with Ashario Cannabis Products

Intimacy Amplified: Exploring the Fusion of Sex and Cannabis with Ashario Products

Intimacy Amplified: Exploring the Fusion of Sex and Cannabis with Ashario Products

As a cannabis enthusiast, you may have wondered how cannabis can affect your sex life, enhance intimacy, and create unforgettable experiences. At Ashario Cannabis, we understand the delicate balance between pleasure and safety. That's why we're here to guide you through using cannabis during sex for a heightened and memorable experience.

How To Use Cannabis During Sex

Cannabis products come in many forms, each with unique effects on the body. Here, we'll guide you through different cannabis options for your sexual escapades.

Cannabis Flower and Sex

Inhaling cannabis flower through vaping or smoking offers a rapid onset of effects, ideal for those seeking immediate results. Strains high in THC can increase arousal and sensitivity while CBD-rich strains may help reduce performance anxiety and discomfort.

Ashario Recommendation: Seek balanced THC and CBD strains from our extensive selection, perfect for both arousal and relaxation.

Cannabis Edibles and Sex

Cannabis-infused edibles deliver a long-lasting, full-body experience, making them ideal for extended sessions of passion. However, dosing is crucial to avoid over-consuming and diminishing the desired effects.

Ashario Tip: Start with a low dose and give it time to take effect (typically 30-90 minutes). If necessary, it's easy to increase dosage for a customized experience.

Cannabis Bath Bombs and Soaks

Creating the perfect atmosphere is essential for a pleasurable experience, and our cannabis-infused bath bombs and soaks can help set the stage. Laden with relaxing CBD and calming essential oils, these products can elevate your intimacy to new levels.

How to use a cannabis bath bomb:

  • Fill the bathtub with warm water.
  • Slowly lower the bath bomb or pour in the soak solution.
  • Hop in, relax, and let the soothing CBD work its magic.

Cannabis Topicals and Lubricants

There's a growing market for cannabis-infused topicals, such as massage oils and lubricants. These products may increase sensitivity and provide more pleasurable and comfortable sensations.

Ashario Selection: We offer an array of topicals and lubricants designed specifically to enhance your sexual experience.

Cannabis Sex Safety Tips

  • Communicate with your partner about cannabis use and consent.
  • Find your preferred dosage of THC and CBD for your desired effects.
  • Stay hydrated to counteract dry mouth or other side effects of cannabis consumption.
  • Use condoms and other barrier methods with oil-based lubricants, as they may weaken latex.

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