Welcome, fellow cannabis enthusiasts and consumers! Today, we're excited to delve into the world of Ashario Cannabis, a top-tier cannabis store in Canada that aims to elevate your shopping experience through normalization, superior quality, product diversity, empowering knowledge, and cutting-edge technology. If you're searching for a truly exceptional cannabis experience, look no further than Ashario Cannabis.


The stigma surrounding cannabis has been slowly dissipating over the years, and Ashario Cannabis is on the forefront of promoting its normalization. This has enabled us to provide a judgment-free, uplifting environment for our customers who can shop confidently while enjoying our luxury and wellness-focused products.


At Ashario Cannabis, quality is our priority. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of high-quality cannabis products, including high THC and CBD varieties. Our selection is strategically curated to cater to our customers' diverse preferences and to ensure that we maintain stringent quality standards, no matter what you choose to consume.


With the largest selection of cannabis products in Canada, Ashario Cannabis has something for everyone. From flowers, edibles, and oils to tinctures and topicals, we ensure that you can explore a wide variety of products and find out which one is best for you.


Our expert staff possess in-depth knowledge, providing guidance on the chemical components of various strains and how they interact with your body. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a newbie looking to explore the world of cannabis, our staff is here to provide valuable information and ensure you make informed choices that cater to your unique needs.

Smoking versus Edible Consumption

Cannabis can be consumed through various methods, each with its unique benefits. Smoking cannabis typically provides rapid effects, while consuming edibles may take longer to kick in but often provides longer-lasting effects. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in understanding the differences and help you choose the best method of consumption to suit your preferences.


At Ashario Cannabis, we strive to provide an unparalleled experience through the use of technology. Our online presence is customer-friendly, allowing you to browse our extensive range of products and make informed decisions with ease. Check out our website at www.ashario.ca to explore our offerings.


By providing the best product pricing, unbeatable staff and service, Ashario Cannabis is your go-to destination for superior cannabis products in Canada.

We currently have three convenient locations:

  • 1111A Finch Avenue West Unit 1, North York, Ontario M3J 2P7 (647-368-7722)
  • 15114 Yonge Street, Aurora Ontario, L4G 1M2 (905-503-6770)
  • 6464 Yonge Street, North York Ontario, M2M 3X4 (416-477-9333)

Visit us in-store or browse our comprehensive selection online, and let Ashario Cannabis elevate your cannabis-shopping experience. Stay tuned for the latest updates on new products and strains joining our lineup! And remember, with Ashario Cannabis, you're always in good hands.

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