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Vape Carts: Liquid Shatter and Live Rosin

First things first: What are Vape Cartridges?

Cannabis cartridges (vape cartridges or vape carts) are used to inhale cannabis products. Certain benefits to using these cartridges include convenience, ease of use, non-messy, discretion and portability to name a few. The majority of vape carts out there are loaded with THC. But a growing number of CBD, CBN, CBG and CBC vape carts are also making their way into the market, including 1:1 THC: CBD products. While many types of cartridges out there may look similar, there are differences in the types of content loaded into them. The most common ones are referred to as the 510-threaded cartridges that fit any standard vape battery pack.

Read on for a quick rundown of some of the more distinguished kind of vape carts out there and the oils they contain.


If you are much into cannabis and marijuana products, it is very likely that you have heard of the Liquid Shatter and Live Rosin carts many times. Vapes in Canada are becoming incredibly popular among the masses, and people are eager to try them out.


Liquid Shatter and Live Rosin carts are readily available at Ashario. These prefilled vape cartridges give an amazing smoking experience, which is why they are the number one choice for regular smokers. You can find some top quality cartridges at our Aurora and North York cannabis stores near you.

Continue reading to learn more about Liquid Shatter and Live Rosin carts, how they are different, and what products you can buy at Ashario.


Liquid Shatter


Liquid Shatter vapes contain a potent cannabis extract having 80% THC content and 3% terpene profile. The extract looks much like honey and has slightly different colors. The best part is that liquid shatter retains all the good properties of a marijuana plant. Terpenes are typically preserved in liquid shatter. So you can enjoy its strong taste and almost instantaneous effects. These unaffected terpenes also help in differentiating Sativa and Indica strains.

If you are looking for a strong and flavorful experience with your shatter cart then you should definitely try our 8 Ball Kush Liquid Shatter Vape Cart at:

Ashario Aurora


Live Rosin

Another product that represents the concentrates from cannabis is live rosin. These type of vape cartridges contain the substance extracted from fresh marijuana buds, hash, or kief through a solventless method. Only heat and pressure are used to extract the goodies from the cannabis plant to make live rosin.

Rosin, thus extracted from plants, is rich in THC and CBD. This makes the cart very potent. It is the most natural method as no chemicals (solvent) are used for its extraction. Live rosin carts have excellent taste and strong effects.

Since live rosin preserves a good amount of chemicals from the cannabis plant, this cartridge has an edge when it comes to therapeutic benefits. Terpenes have amazing health benefits. Research has proven that terpenes have a strong potential to be used as an alternative to many conventional medicines, especially the ones used for inflammatory diseases.

Considering this, Live Rosin cartridges are a beneficial therapeutic product.


The Differences

There are significant differences in the effects that Ashario’s liquid shatter and live rosin carts produce. Shatter carts are made using about half a solvent, while rosin is extracted through a completely natural process and without any solvent. You can expect better quality and potency with rosin as it is made with a more sophisticated method.

With liquid shatter cartridges, you will get strong and instantaneous effects. The cannabinoids quickly make their way to your bloodstream, providing instant therapeutic effects. Ashario’s live rosin carts, on the other hand, help with insomnia as they are high in terpenes. With such a high terpene concentration, you can expect a richer cannabis experience.

Why not get your hands on shatter and rosin cartridges from a top dispensary to know which one is good for you? You can try Ashario's collection of vape cartridges for the best experience.


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